Children rooms up to -70%

The offer is valid only for the showroom of Carlo Danielli



   821 - B    Bed for mattress 120/190 cm.
    Size: 193/125/92 cm.
    821 - W    Three Doors Wardrobe
    Size: 120/54/197 cm.
    821 - D    Desk
    Size: 100/60/195 cm

Set Price:  Euro*
MDF lacquered


   285 Desk with pedestal and bookcase
   Size: 160х120х200 cm 


MDF lacquered

Children room - composition  33 - 70%

Set of two bunk beds with wardrobe, desk and two ladders
Sizes: 382/93/200 cm
Manufacturer: Homes SPA


005В Chair
Description: MDF lacquered
Sizes: 30 х 32 х 46 cm


855 Desk with pedestal and bookcase-Poppay
Sizes: 120x60x193 cm
Description: MDF
Color: blue / yellow

856 Night stands-Poppay
Sizes: 48x44x46 cm
Description: MDF
Color: blue / yellow